How It Works

Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components for your forced air system. From our vacuum truck we connect a large suction hose to your duct system putting your Duct system under negative pressure. All of the debris from your house are pulled OUTSIDE to our truck. This process moves approximately ten times the amount of air backwards through your duct system, as your blower moves through it normally. Once the operator has gained access to the duct system, we start the cleaning process. Air-propelled devices are inserted into the duct work breaking dirt and debris loose. Each and every component of your HVAC system receives a thorough cleansing.

What's Next?

After we complete the cleaning process, we have a sanitizer that may be applied to the entire duct system. This is an FDA and EPA registered product, that has been tested and proven effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, eliminates odors, without any lingering toxic chemical residue or odor in the duct system. We received an extensive background in the heating and air-conditioning field prior to starting our air duct cleaning business. This knowledge and understanding of how the heating and cooling system works, enables us to provide meticulous attention to every aspect of your unit. Our team is also experts in diagnosing potential hazards or problems for your home or business.

Experts at Making Dust Disappear.

There is no air duct job too large or small for our vacuum truck,
special equipment, and highly trained personnel.